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Livestream: Zadar vs. Split Live TV 17.11.2023

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Countless cascades and water that's strangely clear, yet full of vibrant colors, make Plitvice a misty natural wonderland. Fish seem to know there's not a hook for miles. Carefully maintained trails and boardwalks let you get intimate with the wonder of the place. Observant nature lovers can choose from hundreds of flower types to assemble a photographic bouquet. The stony formations drip down like the foliage because the grass and moss both direct the flow of the water and provide a kind of scaffolding for the slow and steady calcification process. Naturalists call Plitvice a "perfect storm" of geological, climatic, and biological features. The magic ingredient: calcium carbonate, a mineral deposit from the limestone that gets dissolved into the water, then re-deposited — continually breaking down natural travertine dams... and building up new ones. Our waiter reminded us that a fish should swim three times: first in the sea, then in olive oil, and finally in wine. After a little island-hopping, approaching urban Split — Croatia's "second city" — feels like a return to civilization. [While] so many Dalmatian Coast towns feel tailor-made for tourism, Split is a serious port. It's vibrant with or without its visitors. But centuries later, in the Middle Ages, his mausoleum was converted into a cathedral. And so, ironically, what Diocletian built to glorify his memory is used instead to remember his victims: Christian martyrs... like this one, who was tied to a mill stone and tossed into the sea. A few steps away is a temple dedicated to Jupiter. Rick: This is all part of Diocletian's palace complex? Maya: Yes, we are still walking in the area of Diocletian's Palace, and you know Diocletian was "Jovius. While the war barely touched the coastline, here in the interior — which had a sizable Serb minority — the fighting was devastating. In towns like Otočac bullet holes still mar facades. These scars reflect the brutal house-to-house fighting that characterized the war. Seeing bomb-damaged homes rebuilt makes you ponder loss, resilience, and hope. The Croats' Catholic church, once shelled and now repaired, has a poignant memorial in its garden: Christ crucified on a cross of artillery shells. Taking a little extra time to wander through town gives an insight into people moving on with their lives. Its main square is home to Croatia's government. The national parliament building flies both the Croatian and European flags. Dominating the square is the Church of St. Mark — with the colorfully tiled roof depicting both the coat of arms of Croatia and the city seal of Zagreb. Nearby is the Croatian Museum of Naive Art. This charming collection features lyrical landscapes and village scenes painted in the mid-20th century by self-taught peasant artists. While some are on canvas, most are painted on glass — a cheap and readily available material that was easier to work on. Naive art is created by untrained artists isolated from the artistic mainstream. ) Cathedral of St. Domnius (Split) Diocletian's elaborate octagonal mausoleum was built in the fourth century; it was converted into the town's cathedral after the fall of Rome. Several sights associated with the cathedral require tickets: the cathedral interior, the modest treasury/museum, the crypt, the tower climb, and — a block away — the baptistery that had once been a temple to Jupiter. Plitvice Lakes National Park You can experience all the best scenery at Plitvice in a three-to-four-hour, mostly level hike. Croatian Radiotelevision Hrvatska radiotelevizija (abbr. HRT), or Croatian Radiotelevision, is Croatia's public broadcasting company. It operates several radio and television ... Live Cams from the most beautiful cities of the world Zadar. View of the Roman Forum and the Cathedral of St. Anastasia Split - Pjaca. Split, view of the city's main square. The historic gate is a reminder that Korčula was once a mighty little place. Facades recall its 14th-century trading heyday. Each lane contributes to the evocative medieval townscape, dripping with drying laundry and local character. You can savor it all over a cup of coffee. If you want to enjoy the Croatian café scene, it helps to know a few words. For a latte, it's bijela kava. That's white coffee. We're setting sail again. Challenger TV | ATP Tour | Tennis ATP Challenger Tour streaming match Andrea Collarini (ARG) vs [3] Tomas Barrios Vera (CHI)


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