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We were introduced to Quinta de S. Sebastião when a customer came to us asking for a favour. He had collaborated with the estate to produce a label in support of his charity 'Save Wild Tigers' and needed help shipping the wine to the UK for a fundraising gala. We naturally obliged, and took the opportunity to put a few other wines on the pallet. And we're so glad we did.

Like most others, I had tended to jump to Douro and Porto (of course) when thinking about Portuguese wines, but the oft-overlooked Lisboa region is really coming to the fore in the UK. The winemaking is very clever here, in that native grapes sit alongside (and are blended with) classic French varietals. This provides an opportunity for the consumer to explore authentic regional wines without having to take a huge leap of faith.

It is the terroir of the estate that allows for such varied grape varieties - valleys with different solar exposure, cool maritime air and varying degrees of natural irrigation. The result is wines with a distinct freshness that are uniquely Lisboa.  

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