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our raison d'être


OWC is an independent wine importer established by Alex Pearce in 2017. The company began its journey supplying corporate clients with wines for marketing events and to support their in-house catering requirements. This activity quickly garnered keen demand from private individuals and saw OWC develop their wider retail offering.

OWC is an acronym of 'original wooden case', which in wine parlance describes the original box that (fine) wines are packaged in at the domaine. While not all our wines come in literal wooden cases, 'OWC' symbolises our dedication to providing a truly direct service from winemaker to wine-drinker.

Our mission is a simple one - to get great wines from where they are made to where they are drunk, with the least amount of fuss in between! The very essence of a place is captured in a bottle of wine; the people, the culture, the landscape. Our aim is to bring these faraway places into the homes and workplaces of our customers.

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