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  • What are the benefits of subscribing to your club?
    Members receive a 20% discount on all wines and cases listed on our site, which all but eliminates the margin applied. We will always ensure that our members have first refusal on inbound stock and bin-end sales, as well as the option to store purchased wine with us until they require delivery (for a small storage fee). Members also have the opportunity to suggest wines for import and will receive a 12-bottle mixed case as thank you if we decide to list them on our site. Generally speaking, we simply like to give our members a bit of extra attention - we'll let you know if we see a bargain on the supermarket shelves or on a restaurant's wine list, give you help organising tastings and wine for events, and source rare and investment grade wines to lay down, if that's your thing. See here for more info.
  • How much wine do I have to buy to make subscribing worthwhile?
    Members subscribed to our monthly plan should be spending more than £60 per month to benefit from discounted prices versus checking out as a guest. Yearly subscribers should be spending an average of £50/month with us. The magnitude of the benefit naturally increases the more you spend.
  • How does the quota work?
    We implement a 'fair use' policy that we feel is in-line with the spirit of the club offering. Monthly members can purchase 36 bottles per month. Yearly members can purchase their yearly allocation of 432 bottles (36 x 12) at any time. Members will be charged £4 for each incremental 12-bottle case they purchase, invoiced separately. We will seek confirmation with the member prior to delivery so that they are aware of this extra charge. Note: this policy is designed purely to dissuade short-term membership and front-loading of orders e.g. a new member signing up, purchasing a lot of wine and then immediately unsubscribing after delivery. In reality, we find that 36 bottles per month is more than adequate for our members.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription at any time, or we can do it for you - just let us know. Please note that we will monitor closely any unusual buying patterns. If we suspect anyone cancelling and re-subscribing in a way that we feel undermines the spirit of the club, we reserve the right to refuse membership.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Orders cancelled before dispatch from the warehouse will be refunded in full. If a customer chooses not to take delivery of an order they have placed, we will refund you the full amount less the in-built cost of delivery. Note: delivery of 12 bottles is factored into the price of the wine listed on the site.
  • Is there a minimum order size?
    There is no minimum order size. However, orders with fewer than 12 bottles will incur a delivery surcharge of £8. The per-bottle cost of delivering one case of 12 bottles to most UK post codes is already factored into the price listed on the site. It costs us the same to deliver 12 bottles as it does to deliver any number fewer than 12.
  • Why am I being charged extra for delivery?
    The listed price of each wine on our site is calculated on the basis that it is delivered as part of a full case (12 bottles), which is the typical order size. If fewer than 12 bottles of wine are ordered, the per-bottle cost of delivery increases. This is because it costs the same to deliver 12 bottles as it does to deliver any number fewer than 12. Therefore, smaller orders incur a surcharge to cover the extra cost that has not already been factored in to the price. It is also more expensive to deliver 12 bottles to postcodes further afield e.g. Scotland. A surcharge will apply here also. In short, any additional charge is simply a re-charge of additional costs to us.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We will offer refunds, no questions asked, on wine that is faulty or damaged. Simply not liking a wine that you've purchased isn't typically considered grounds for a refund. However, we will of course do our best to keep our customers (and in particular our members) happy.
  • Can I store my wine with you?
    Members are able to store their wine with us to draw down as and when they need it. Storage costs are £10 per 12-bottle case per year , which will be invoiced pro-rata at regular intervals, the frequency of which will depend on the number of cases stored. Wine must be drawn down in cases of 12. Delivery of 6 bottles is possible but will incur a delivery surcharge (see above).
  • Is my wine separate from the assets of your company while it is being stored with you?
    Technically, no. Although any wine you've purchased is beneficially yours, if it's stored with us it remains an asset under our auspices. We set up a sub-account at our warehouse for each customer who stores with us; each member's wine is easily identifiable and kept separate from our general holdings so that it isn't accidentally resold. If you would prefer to have your own account under your complete control, we can help set this up for you (at your cost). This is often appropriate when the customer is storing high-value/investment-grade wine that they intend to lay down for a long time to subsequently drink or sell on. We will happily transfer purchased wine to a customer's existing storage facility.
To view FAQs on your mobile, including information on our club, delivery, storage and returns, please visit:
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