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Dating back to the 6th century, at the time of the conquest of Aquitaine by King Clovis, Château Ad Francos (home of the Franks) sits timelessly at the heart of French history. An actual castle perched atop a hill with thick limestone walls and a huge tower (wide enough to ride a horse up it in medieval times), it is imposing yet tranquil. Wine-making at Ad Francos is overseen by Michel Rolland, whose family lived at the château for almost two centuries. An emotional tie to the terroir of his ancestors, alongside his expertise, results in meticulously crafted wines.


Located about 8km east of Saint-Emilion, the tiny appellation of Francs is one of the smallest and most eastern of the Bordeaux region. With an elevation gain of more than 100 meters, temperatures are lower in winter and higher in summer, often by 2 to 3° compared to surrounding areas. The site enjoys lots of sunshine and has low rainfall, which results in particularly ripe fruit. The bottom of the slopes are made of deep clay, while the hillsides themselves are clay-limestone, with outcrops of chalk. All in all, mineral rich terroir with excellent drainage - perfect for the vines.

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