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Traversing the hilly landscape on route to Adam, meandering along winding roads through sleepy villages, you'd be forgiven for overlooking the region's vivid history. It was here, at the foothills of Mount Hortiatis in the heart of Ancient Kalindia, that the famous cavalry of Alexander the Great was stationed. Countless amphorae have been excavated over the centuries and we can safely say that the soldiers were in plentiful supply of the region's wine.

Nikos and Dimitris at Adam-Oinoi (Wines of Adam) have continued the landscape's vinous heritage, albeit not with the aim of producing wines for the thirsty masses. Organic farming practices and a fervent commitment to leave the terrain and wildlife surrounding their vines unspoilt results in very low yields and rich, dense wines. The grapes are very strictly selected on the vines and sorted again before fermentation to ensure only the healthiest and ripest grapes go into the finished wine. Nikos is adamant that if the fruit is not up to standard it is not used, even if that means no wine at all! There is a genuine drive for perfection here, and that is really the best way to describe the wines that result - just perfect.

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