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Vignobles Brochard’s ‘raison d’être’ is to simplify the complex world of fine wine and make it accessible to a wide variety of consumers. Their aim is to give future wine lovers and connoisseurs alike the opportunity to discover exceptional french wines at accessible prices. To their upmost credit they achieve this not by simplifying their wines, but by raising the bar at the more humble end of the price spectrum. In doing so, they set the reference point of what excellent, well-priced Bordeaux should be.


Guillaume Brochard, the owner, like many French people, was brought up in an environment where wine held a very important place. Aside from the pleasure of tasting a wine, to him it has always represented an opportunity to relax in the company of friends and family. And this is at the heart of these wines - there’s nothing intimidating or overcomplicated here, just fun, honest and convivial drinking. In short, charming wines from a charming family.

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