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Cave de Marmandais vibrates to the rhythm of the ‘Art de Vivre’ of the South-West; a culture of conviviality and indulgent gastronomy. Wine-making here goes back to the Middle-Ages, with the merchants of Bordeaux extending their reach southwards to meet export demand. It would be a mistake, though, to consider this region a mere satellite region of Bordeaux. Winemakers here are proud of their heritage, and are increasingly championing their indigenous grape varieties in their wines, such as Abouriou, which makes for interesting, albeit relatively inexpensive, wines.

The Garonne is the backbone of the Côtes du Marmandais appellation, which splits the region into two distinct terroirs: the right bank is an extension of the Entre-de-Mers region of Bordeaux, and the left-bank continues from the eastern Graves. The Côtes du Marmandais obtains, therefore, the virtues of both Guyenne and Gascony; a combination of unique but complimentary terroirs.

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