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Château de Gayon is situated in the heart of Gascony, with the Pyrenees a short distance to the south. David Ebert, an architect from Chicago, set his sights on the estate while cycling Madiran's southern boundary and upon acquiring the property set about rejuvenating its rich winemaking heritage. He has toiled over his 9ha of vines, which produce consistently brilliant wines that express every inch and more of this small (and relatively unknown) appellation.

Madiran produces rich, concentrated and luscious wines that pair perfectly with the region's indulgent gastronomy. The predominant grape is Tannet, aptly named for giving the wines an abundance of tannin, which is blended with Bordeaux varietals to provide structure. Patience is rewarded as the wines soften with age, and those in the best years are plush with ripe fruit, full-bodied and velvety smooth. Within the appellation, Château de Gayon sits on slightly higher ground than surrounding properties and benefits from a cooler climate and later harvest, resulting in perfectly balanced wines.

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