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Saint-Emilion Castillon Puisseguin



The vineyards of Robin-Lafugie have belonged to the same family for more than two centuries, passing down through the female line for four generations. It is with a fierce determination that the matriarchs of this estate transmit the family's ethos of "Qualité passe Quantité", and they do so with tremendous results.

The story begins in the 19th century with Pierre Lafugie, a native of Saint-Hippolyte in the foothills of Saint-Emilion. The first of his ancestors to pass on a passion for wine, his grand-daughter Janine fell in love with Michel Robin, himself a descendent of a wine-merchant family based in Castillon, also adjacent to the vines of Saint-Emilion. From this matrimony came two daughters, Inès and Laurence, the elder marrying Dominique Fugier with whom she herself would have two daughters, Mathilde and Virginie. All continue together the hard work of their forebears, and with each vintage comes a quest for ever more quality.

A property with precious vines and exquisite wines, that no doubt benefit from a woman's touch. 

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