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Located in the appellation of Scherwiller, the Frey-Sohler estate has evolved through several generations, all intimately linked to the village and its wine. The name derives from the partnership between the current owners' grandfather, Xavier Frey (born 1902) and his son-in-law, Charles Sohler, who together ran the family business. 


Today, Nicolas and Damien Sohler take charge over the 29 hectares of vines, which includes a grand cru site on the Frankstein slopes above the medieval town of Dambach-la-Ville. The soil here is remarkably uniform and at an altitude between 220 and 330 metres its south-east facing slopes soak up the sunshine from dawn until dusk. The rest of the vines are divided into two very distinct terroirs that, although only one kilometre apart, produce remarkably distinct characteristics in the wines. The viticulture is sustainable and entirely geared towards the preservation of the land, leaving the terroir to express itself fully to produce truly authentic wines.

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